Ghosts IV

I am a ghost, haunting the edges of conversationsappearing briefly, transparent, only to disappear again.Once in a while my words haunt someone’s mind,keep them up at night, wondering.I walk between worlds, between ideas, looking for the centerand the grounding of silence and interaction.A part of everything, a part of nothing, alone floatingabove the scene, or... Continue Reading →

Transformation: From Sunwalker-A Journal

October, 2018 I’m trying to think as I’m going through my separation, moving out and away from my hopes and dreams. I am trying to get to a place where I can re-collect the fragments of my identity, and move forward in wholeness, while my heart, soul, and mind all want different things. “My mind... Continue Reading →


This song was heard when no one was listening, spoken by solitude across the desert sands. This is the dance... Can you hear the rhythmic pounding of the idle mind? Can you hear the rhythmic pounding for the idol's mind? Pulse of the heartbeat in the temple, in the stars, in pupils reacting to light?... Continue Reading →

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