I remember meeting the man when I lived in an abandoned building in DC. I was walking around the streets just as the sun had begun to set. He was muttering to himself, indistinguishable words spoken into the air between us. I observed him from a distance. He seemed distressed, but I was not his... Continue Reading →

1987, Washington, D.C.

Sixteen years old and wandering,the red light district is full of hustlers,the sex shops alive with nervous menlooking to cum,while cop cars line the curbs,their occupants taking notes and pictures.Hookers say, "Hello!", trying to engagethe men passing by, using quaint, feminine flashing their tits.One of them is fascinated with my mohawk,and asks if she... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law Show

    This was our biggest show, opening for Murphy's Law. The crowd was moving to our music, and I was getting into the energy, stomping my foot with the sprained ankle, in defiance to the pain,  enjoying watching the dancers crash into each other from the stage. We went into a song called Skull Smash,... Continue Reading →

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