As Above So Below, or On Earth As It Is In Heaven?

“If a man contains within himself all the elements of which the universe is composed, it is not in this that his true perfection, his claim to glory lies. ‘There is nothing remarkable’, says St. Gregory of Nyssa, ‘in wishing to make of man, the image and likeness of the universe, for the earth passes... Continue Reading →

On Politics and Faith

The Orthodox monks speak of the pinnacle of the soul being free from judgement. Detachment, releasing the cares of the world to focus on the Kingdom of God. That does not mean that they did not resist corruption or political commentary.The resistance they speak of concern matters of faith. To continue in prayer and worship... Continue Reading →

Time, Space, Eternity

Our awareness of time is contingent on our moving through space, our touching of checkpoints in time. Our sense of time is wrapped in our sense of physicality. The physical world binds our senses to time and its constraints. As an example, if you place yourself in an empty room for a long period, with... Continue Reading →


The night breathes strange, excited air, cool to the touch. All things surround and hold us in place- The earth, the air, the sky, the ages before and those to come, hold me in this moment of Eternity with comfortable arms, divine wings. The roses are singing to my sister. She is in ecstasy on... Continue Reading →


I've been writing for about 32 years, off and on. I began as a young teenager, trying to find a release, a voice among deaf ears. "Maybe through the eyes and the mind?" I thought. "No? Then just for me, and others like me." The inspiration hit me after I read Henry Rollins' book titled... Continue Reading →

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