Following the Stars

Known personalities pass, not known personally.They are remembered as the backdrop to our growing, their voices and faces, songs, shows, were always there as we awakened to the world.Nostalgia. The driver of mourning for people we seldom think about until they die.Is it enough?Is a sharp wit and a foul mouth enough to be mourned?... Continue Reading →

The Sacredness of Life

Gunnar and the neighborhood kids found two dead squirrels yesterday, an adult and a baby. They were probably killed by a cat. Today I came out to find that they had used a stick to move one of them into the street so they could watch cars run over them, as boys will do. I... Continue Reading →

This Divide

I wrote something once, but it did not matter.That's what happens when your heart is in tatters.I tried to sing for you but you hated my voice.That's what happens when all you hear is just noise.One world, torn in two,but I'm still whole without you,and it's a better world, Baby, of my own design,I'm just... Continue Reading →


I remember meeting the man when I lived in an abandoned building in DC. I was walking around the streets just as the sun had begun to set. He was muttering to himself, indistinguishable words spoken into the air between us. I observed him from a distance. He seemed distressed, but I was not his... Continue Reading →

Patrick and Miles Davis

I am not a jazz fan at all. Years ago I was hanging out with a phenomenal artist named Patrick. I have his metaphysical artwork on my walls and would like to have some of it tattooed on me one day. Patrick was a night crawler, unsettled and looking for barriers to cross. Like most... Continue Reading →

Time, Space, Eternity

Our awareness of time is contingent on our moving through space, our touching of checkpoints in time. Our sense of time is wrapped in our sense of physicality. The physical world binds our senses to time and its constraints. As an example, if you place yourself in an empty room for a long period, with... Continue Reading →


My favorite knife was a Defender that my friend Danny had given me. It had a nice rubber grip, edged with metal, and contoured to fit your fingers. I used that knife all over DC and Northern Virginia to take out cop car tires whenever they would unjustly harass me, arrest me, or cost me... Continue Reading →

1987, Washington, D.C.

Sixteen years old and wandering,the red light district is full of hustlers,the sex shops alive with nervous menlooking to cum,while cop cars line the curbs,their occupants taking notes and pictures.Hookers say, "Hello!", trying to engagethe men passing by, using quaint, feminine flashing their tits.One of them is fascinated with my mohawk,and asks if she... Continue Reading →

Ghosts IV

I am a ghost, haunting the edges of conversationsappearing briefly, transparent, only to disappear again.Once in a while my words haunt someone’s mind,keep them up at night, wondering.I walk between worlds, between ideas, looking for the centerand the grounding of silence and interaction.A part of everything, a part of nothing, alone floatingabove the scene, or... Continue Reading →

Transformation: From Sunwalker-A Journal

October, 2018 I’m trying to think as I’m going through my separation, moving out and away from my hopes and dreams. I am trying to get to a place where I can re-collect the fragments of my identity, and move forward in wholeness, while my heart, soul, and mind all want different things. “My mind... Continue Reading →

24 Hours

I woke up in the dark, cocooned by cardboard boxes. I sent signals to my toes to wiggle, as I breathed in deeply. My arms were across my chest, vampire-like, not for any effect, but out of need within the cramped space. My combat boots were by my feet, removed to prevent sweating and rot.... Continue Reading →

Astral Double

When I was 13 or 14, I astrally projected. It was an involuntary, unintentional act. I had not studied the phenomena, or practiced any spiritual exercises to bring it on. I had fallen asleep, with my dog Rascal by my side. Rascal was a black mutt, with a dash of white on his chest. He... Continue Reading →

Summer Lights

That summer we ran the streets, a pack of feral children in heat. Our days and nights were consumed with drama we created, hungered for. Broken hearts and broken bottles, blood mixed with tears and laughter. Who were our masters? The selfish, the distant? The abusers, the neglectful? Out here, they had no say, no... Continue Reading →

New Years Eve 2018/2019

Random thoughts this evening. New years. A promise for renewal written into the subconscious of man, as he awaited the sun's slow ascent toward spring and summer. A night of drunken laughter with friends and lovers. A night of loneliness for others, who face each day with foreboding. The wheel of time turns, seeking balance.... Continue Reading →

Summer Tension I

The three cops stared at Eddie, Van Gogh, and I, while we stared back. We had been at the foot of the stairs that led up to Bayview Apartments, in the alley behind the grocery store. It was mid afternoon, and we hadn't been expecting trouble, but they were obviously looking for it, and we... Continue Reading →

Death Comes Ripping

The dreams started when I became a young man; a time of isolation, frustration, and trying to process death. I had become fascinated by our inevitable demise. and started reading books like Man Is The Prey, a tome which documented various ways in which the animal kingdom took it's vengeance on man, whether charging rhinos,... Continue Reading →

You Alone

Journal Entry: Ever since I was around 4 years old, I've had a feeling of being alone. Because of this I would quickly grow attached to friends and girls, but would always be disappointed when it seemed that they couldn't return the affection. This led to feelings of betrayal and anger, as well as a... Continue Reading →


Let me tell you about James... About 30 years ago we used to chill in a run-down apartment complex in Northern Virginia. It was the type of place where black and white weren't the only colors, and Route 1 ran through the center of town, like lines drawn on a school playground- daring, taunting the... Continue Reading →

There Are Tales

There are tales of men in constant flux and wanting, unsettled thoughts in assassin's eyes, deluged by faces and time, who try to sing songs from their prisons. Their bodies are cages, taut and binding the pacing tiger souls inside. Death house dreaming, inconsiderate of their fictions. Freedom to kill and take but the pacing... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law Show

    This was our biggest show, opening for Murphy's Law. The crowd was moving to our music, and I was getting into the energy, stomping my foot with the sprained ankle, in defiance to the pain,  enjoying watching the dancers crash into each other from the stage. We went into a song called Skull Smash,... Continue Reading →

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