"Your brain is sexy," she purred, as she was devouring every thought from my mind, leaving me unable to respond. I turned my eyes upward to watch as she picked up the last morsel and slipped it into her mouth, leaving my skull empty. She smiled at me briefly, without affection, and picked up my... Continue Reading →

The Morlocks ch. 1

Eight o'clock came and went like the cold silence of empty institutional hallways. The seconds sang lonely lines of dismay, as the cool night air replaced the barren heat of the day. Radon sharpened his knife on the hard, grey stone, in a practiced rhythmic precision, as he hummed a quiet, somber tune that came... Continue Reading →

Sisters of Earth and Lycanthropic Hunger

Savage bearing, resting against the base of a giant tree, contemplating the hunt and the taste of passion, as her naked shoulders turn her shaggy head, flaxen hair tousled and moved by wanting, while her sister, dark and silent listens to the air, and stares from black, predatory orbs toward the sounds and scents.

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