Patrick and Miles Davis

I am not a jazz fan at all.
Years ago I was hanging out with a phenomenal artist named Patrick. I have his metaphysical artwork on my walls and would like to have some of it tattooed on me one day.
Patrick was a night crawler, unsettled and looking for barriers to cross. Like most artists, he was sensitive, slightly elitist, and contradictory in his actions, but always a great conversationalist. He turned me on to this album one day when we were sitting around discussing life. He told me the story of how he had assigned each note a color, then proceeded to paint an entire room with every note from the album. Even the crazy parts. The way he told the story I could picture the challenge he had presented himself, the desire to make the discordant and driven sounds into something visual, going through the entire process until he had reached the satisfaction of completion.
As I said, I’m not a jazz fan at all. This is a punk record to me.

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