Astral Double

When I was 13 or 14, I astrally projected. It was an involuntary, unintentional act. I had not studied the phenomena, or practiced any spiritual exercises to bring it on. I had fallen asleep, with my dog Rascal by my side.
Rascal was a black mutt, with a dash of white on his chest. He slept with me every night, sharing his warmth. I would often drape my arm over him, and hold his paw, feeling the steady rise and fall of his breathing. It was comforting, and made sleep come more easily.
I understand that my being asleep during the occurrence will raise immediate objections to the validity of the experience. I have no desire to sway anyone’s views on spiritual phenomena. Such endeavors are a waste of time. Like all experiences in this sphere, those who have had similar ones will more readily accept it, those who have not, will not. On the extremes are people who obviously think one spiritual experience backs their entire world view of all others, or who are obviously delusional, and those who refuse to accept the very idea of a spiritual reality, with no proof themselves of the contrary. In the middle realm of the doubters are the agnostics, who reasonable require proof. That said, I also have no proof for others, only for myself in that time and place. I cannot scientifically recreate the phenomena and the circumstances. I can only say that I was clear headed, drug and alcohol free.
The event itself happened quickly and without warning. I found myself above my body, as if I were horizontal with the ceiling and facing downward. In that brief moment of vision I could see every detail; the position I was lying in, how the sheets and blankets were draped over me, that Rascal had moved, to sleep curled up at my feet.
Then I felt instant fear at being separated from myself, the strangeness at how explicitly real it was, and the need to get back to where I belonged. As soon as the fear came upon me I felt a rush as I descended, saw myself on the bed coming closer at an incredible speed, and then I felt the impact of shooting back into my own body, which startled me awake, not like a dream would, but like the continuity of action, movement, and adrenaline does.
I immediately sat up, at once glad to experience corporality and yet still fearful at what had transpired. My heart was starting to speed up. I took a second or two to re-orient myself, as I looked about me.
Everything was as I had seen it from above. The position I had risen from, Rascal at my feet, in the same spot, curled up. The sheets had shifted, but were still in a semblance of what they had been.
I spent some time considering what had happened before I could fall asleep again.
All of this led me to research. I read everything I could find on the subject. Some of it was ridiculous, some of it made sense. I had seen no golden cord, or luminescence, as is often reported. I did, however, find that many cases occurred during the years of puberty, as these are years of great chemical and psychic upheaval, and that they were often unexpected.
It has not ever happened again, even when I have tried to engage the exercises meant to make it occur. I have, however, had many other strange experiences since then, but have not determined whether to tell of them.

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