New Years Eve 2018/2019

Random thoughts this evening.
New years. A promise for renewal written into the subconscious of man, as he awaited the sun’s slow ascent toward spring and summer.
A night of drunken laughter with friends and lovers.
A night of loneliness for others, who face each day with foreboding.
The wheel of time turns, seeking balance.
Will we rise with the sun, or go blind facing it’s burning eye?
We see the beauty and ugliness by it’s light. We celebrate it’s warmth, encroaching on winter. Eventually we will seek shelter from the heat again, provided we have not sunk into the earth.
I miss the carefree days of childish laughter, running through the day across hills, playing in the street, or hiding in the shade of the woods.
But return is not an option. Only the struggle of life remains, until our cycle is complete. This is not darkness, but what the sun has revealed with time.
I wish all of my friends well on their journey. I hope that the new cycle brings newness, growth, and prosperity.
Let us struggle and overcome together, until we pass on, and then I pray our names are not forgotten, but that we are remembered and celebrated, with smiles.
For those who have faced the hard truths this year, I love you. Your journey is not over. Rise, like the new plant, blossoming and growing toward the sun.

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