When We Were Happy (By the Light of the Moon)

I didn’t howl or anything, but I could have.
It started with my wife and I celebrating our sixth anniversary. My dad had driven up and brought gifts, including a huge bucket of perfect strawberries, and some moonshine that for some reason we can’t remember where it came from…a friend of a friend of the family down some road in a misplaced state, maybe?
My wife had a three day weekend, after working overtime all month. Since we hadn’t spent any time together, we decided to do it up, and started drinking Guinness with the moonshine in it around two o’clock yesterday. We kept ourselves fairly entertained, and talked about our spending habits. Her new name is Joykill, and mine is Deficit. We have a nice balance.
Around 6:45, we headed to BWW to get some much needed food, and to slow down the process that can ultimately lead to mad ravings on lonely roads by the edge of town, and to watch the fights. No sense eating the innocent because of strange transformations. The food was good and the fights  were starting, so we reserved some seats for the guys from the gym and settled in.
David was the first one through the door, after a misadventure with a big snake, which he hates. He needed to let loose a little, so we started feeding him Gorilla Farts and Jack and Coke. Matt and the others had arrived, and Matt threw a couple of Cement Mixers his way, then Joe brought out the Baby Guinness, which I had never had, but will definitely have again. How can a drink taste that good?
David passed out at the end of the table, and the night went by in a blur of conversation and idiocy, which included Mike performing a lap dance, which I never want to see again. It was uh…nightmarish?
Some crap almost went down when some folks tried to strongarm a friend, but it diffused quickly when they realized his friends were twenty guys from an MMA gym. Cooler heads prevail they say, and though everyone was ready, no one was looking for it.
To top the night off, I got to see Rashad Evans get knocked out. That gave me a piece of some distant stars warmth way down deep inside. I did almost howl, but settled for an enthusiastic grunt and holler or two, before we said our goodbyes and headed home.
It was a good way to celebrate these years together.
Can’t wait for the next ones.

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