The Morlocks ch. 1

Eight o’clock came and went like the cold silence of empty institutional hallways. The seconds sang lonely lines of dismay, as the cool night air replaced the barren heat of the day.
Radon sharpened his knife on the hard, grey stone, in a practiced rhythmic precision, as he hummed a quiet, somber tune that came easily from the back of his mind, from someplace more present and real.
He looked up the empty street, from the stoop of the abandoned house, slightly illuminated by the fringes of the only working street lamp half a block away, and watched the rats running from shadow, to gutter, and back again, listening to their small, nervous sounds, waiting for the promise of movement.
It was almost time.
He put the knife away in its sheath on his hip, lifted his small frame from the steps, and walked away from the light, his boots somehow stepping without sound in an intimate cadence. His black eyes, consumed by his pupils, were used to the dark, and he had learned the beauty of its shelter, where he could be so close to the Others and not be seen.
From his places he could listen to their empty sounds, and see their eyes full of false light, as they nervously moved from car, to shelter, to crowd. He listened to their music, so simple and repetitious, annoying in its volume and themes, and he hated them, with no trace of envy for what he could only take as gaudy, bright adornment, their hands cold with sweat as they gave themselves away to time.
Sometimes, he watched the tired, limping old men, with their fat, bland-eyed wives, and considered how they had once been young and frivolous, able to ignore the ravages that the weather of life would rain and blow upon them, sheltered in the straw houses of youth.
He knew the night would come when their vision would falter, and they would scream themselves awake.
Radon laughed at himself, caught up in the moment and its ridiculous implication.
He was a Morlock, tried and true, in a crumbling city that had left behind the builder’s intent. He knew how to survive in its decay.
They would get what they deserved.

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