I’ve been writing for about 32 years, off and on. I began as a young teenager, trying to find a release, a voice among deaf ears. “Maybe through the eyes and the mind?” I thought. “No? Then just for me, and others like me.”
The inspiration hit me after I read Henry Rollins’ book titled Polio Flesh. In the pages I found a direct, simple expression, and said, “I  can do this!” That’s the punk ethos in a nutshell, DIY or die. As a young kid putting ink to paper I found my cathartic release. Poetry, song lyrics, experiences, stories of bad situations, thrown onto the page in an effort to get it out, trying through the written word to draw a map of my life with the hopes of finding the cardinal direction of True North.
As the years have progressed, my interests carried me far beyond the field of music, into  theology, short stories, metaphysics, comparative religion, Jungian archetypes, and the dirty world of politics. Those same interests also carried me far from the decaying suburbs; to the streets of DC, the woods in Maine, a reservation, bible college, the woods in Stafford, Va., and finally, to my present home in Lynchburg, Va.
All of these experiences and interests form the tapestry of my life. I want to share them with you and hope you’ll stick around. I believe you will enjoy the ride, with all of it’s ups and downs, because it is a very human experience, even in it’s extremes.

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